Towards the end of 2023 NCLT put in a Freedom of Information Request to Norfolk County Council regarding the buildings and site of Angel Road Junior School, Norwich. NR3. The purpose was to try see what the plans were for the site and buildings.

We have now recieved the response to the request. It is 80 pages long. You are free to scroll through it or download it. It is not neccessary in consecutive order.

The future of the site

It seems that the site has been handed back to the County Council in late 2023. From there it was then re-leased to The Great Hospital Trust, Norwich for 125 years from 1st January 2024.(pages 14, 29-33, 62). It seems that the buildings will be demolished and a new school built on the site, possibly serving the SEN community.

The reasons for this move

The reason for this arrangement seems to be that the physical state of the school is such that not only are there problems with the roof but also the retaining walls.The result being that work costing about £1.8m will be needed to put it right.Given that inflation in the building industry is running at about 20-30% that would add £360,000 to £540,000 to the cost. Having an established charity taking it on means that various charges can be off set, importantly it would not show up in the County Councils accounts as making a profit but simply as a disposal.

Contact between local councillors and Norfolk County Council

It seems that the local County Councillor has had contact with the Evolution Academy Trust since at least January 2022.

(pages 7, 33,66,)

Full Response to Freedom of Information Request

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